Anahata's Sannyas Message from Osho

This is what Osho said to me on December 13 1980:

Your name: Swami Anahata. Anahata is one of the most significant words. Literally it means unstruck sound.

The mystics have found - and it is one of the ancientmost discoveries, at least ten thousand years old - that life, that the whole of existence, is made of sound, of subtle vibrations of sound.

Modern physics discovered it too from a very different route; because of their different routes their definitions are a little different. But anybody who has some perception, who can think in both ways - scientifically and mystically - can see the unity, can see that they are talking about the same thing in different languages, different jargon.

Modern physics says that the world, existence, consists of electricity. The whole existence is nothing but electrical vibration. Asists of electricity. The whole existence is nothing but electrical vibration. And if you ask them what sound is, they will say it is nothing but a certain kind of vibration in the electric energy. If you ask the mystics what electricity is, they say it is a certain form of sound vibrations - and then things become very clear.

The mystics discovered sound first, hence they define electricity by sound. In the East there has been a certain melody called "Deepak Rag", light melody. It is said that there have been singers... and it seems to be an almost historical fact, not just a mythology, because there are so many records about it and very recent records - five hundred years old.

In the great emperor Akbar's court there was a musician, Tansen, who was expert in that melody. It is a certain music can help the unlit lamp to become lit. The musician simply plays on his sitar, surrounded by unlit lamps and by and by they start becoming suddenly aflame. It is possible because a sound can hit the air in a certain way that it can create heat - that's a known phenomenon. Sound can create heat. If it can create heat it can create fire; if it can create fire it can create electricity, and vice versa is also true.

The mystics and the physicists have travelled towards the same destination from different angles.

Anahata means the sound of which we are made, so it is unstruck. When you play on a guitar or a sitar then it is a struck sound; b on a guitar or a sitar then it is a struck sound; but there is a melody inside which is continuously there. In fact the mystics say that when that melody disappears we die, when that melody becomes disturbed we become ill. When we feel well-being it is really part of that melody; it is going as it should, there is no hindrance in it.

The mystics have also experienced - and I can vouch for them, I can be a witness for them that they are saying something really significant - that there is a way in which you can resonate with the whole existence in the same tune. That's meditation; resonating with the whole universe without any disturbance, falling in step with the melody of the whole. Then your ego disappears, then you are no more there. Then there is only music - that music is Anahat, and to experience it is to know what bliss is.

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